SunSet in Bradford Hyper-lapse

Filmed on the top floor (J floor) of Universal Student Living Bradford on Laisteridge Lane looking out over the Bradford district of Little Horton. 

Filmed over 2 hours and speed up to 600x normal speed (1 image per frame at 25 FpS) filmed on a gopro hero 3 black with automatic ISO turned on to get the smooth colour change with dusk. Stabilised in aftereffects to create the smooth tracking zoom, after filming with two tripods and a tracking system. 

Winter Graduations 2013 | University of Bradford | TimeLapse 

One of my final attempts at getting a hyperlapse/ timelapse for this module, filmed at Graduation on the 5th December 2013, in this graduation is SSIS and SoH as well as the Ethiopian VicePresident. 

I used a gopro hero 3 ( making use of the wide angle lens to fit everything in) with 12mp picture every 5 seconds. The gopro was mounted next to the UoB camera that is used to film from the front of the stage, the go pro was hidden in a plan. 

To create movement I added a 20% zoom in post production as well as a slight edge to the frame to give it the feeling of depth. 


Created in garage band on a 32 key midi keyboard with the title music from Disneys UP as strong influences. 


Bradford derelict buildings
Religion in Bradford
Women in Bradford
Prostitution in Bradford
Reflection and Contemplation
Drug users
Homeless in Bradford

I am going to go with the homeless in Bradford as a theme for this exhibition
It’s hard hitting and political as well as being very relevant and influential to Bradford.

Rocking the pocket watch this weekend

Rocking the pocket watch this weekend

The Internet can be a scary scary place…. 

The Internet can be a scary scary place…. 

Monster University is the up and coming Pixar Disney Prequel to Monsters Inc. 
And here are some student cards! 

Student Coat of Arms 

Student Coat of Arms